A sense of freedom

Whats our world without freedom? When people are not allowed to develop their political, social and religious beliefs without someone else feeling threatened. In a world filled with chaos, it is almost impossible that some people will not start thinking against the status quo. The world is in a state of anarchy, and still no one wants to entertain the views of others. He who wears the crown dictates the tune and you cannot stand up against him. If you dare to people go to the extent of branding you as evil.But we will challenge.

When and how did we get it wrong? Children cannot even express their true feelings to their parents, employees cant to employers, the people cannot to their leaders. The feeling is almost choking. So much in my head I dont know if I can put it all down.

I do not feel safe even in my country. Policies are not being made to protect the life’s of the young ones on the streets of Lagos. Do not try to stop my voice. My voice is just one out of a multitude. The people are down. Hunger and poverty in Africa, wars on a constant in the Middle East. And you think we will have nothing to say about it. We all cannot be quiet.

Many of us will not fight but we will pick up our pen and tell the world the way we feel about these issues that seem not to have any solution in view. Hoping that some day the powers that be will decide to do something about our cry. We do not threaten your existence, we only question your credibility and if in truth you act on what you preach.

Leave me with a SENSE OF FREEDOM!!!!

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