A world where objectivity is dead. (MUST READ)!!!!!

The 21st century misfortune.

We all think we are on the right side, we all believe we have it all figured out. Capitalism versus Communism, America versus North Korea, Realists versus Idealists and many other examples depending on which side you are.

Unfortunately no one is completely right. Only the other day the United States announced that they believed according to their surveillance, there were new activities in the North Korean nuclear facility. The world took this as a normal event, but imagine a scenario where North Korea had come out to say the same about America then it suddenly seems like they have committed an unforgivable crime. Let’s please be objective, what makes America able to make such a move and North Korea not able to. Moving on, lets look at the case of capitalism and communism, it is very difficult for me as the writer to be even objective on this issue because right from birth I have been groomed as a capitalist. The problem I now have with this is after careful thinking and pondering I have found out that all through my years I have hardly been given the opportunity to talk with a communist or thinking about it I don’t think I can say I have read enough books written by pure communist minds. The idea that the resources of a nation should be shared equally among the members of a state, collectively still doesn’t sound wrong, in fact it sounds just right to me. But, all what I have read about communism have been written by capitalists, how can we then be objective? Have you ever read a book written by a communist about capitalism? Our objectivity has been taken from us, unfortunately we don’t even know this. If only we can think a little bit more inward. Drop any form of prejudice, stop being streamlined in our thoughts, we will see the world clearer.

What is the moral standard? Who says whats right and whats wrong? Are states in the international system truly sovereign? Why can some states compel other states in the international system? Do we need the so-called power states?

In answering these questions you must also note that the US has helped the world a whole lot of times, through its interventions, aids, etc. Objectivity is being able to look at the world from other people’s eye.

To be continued……..

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