Between Buhari and Trump

Well, just a few days ago the Nigerian President, Buhari payed a state visit to the United States President, Trump. That is coming after it has been noticed that the “America First” policy embraced by the Trump administration has ignored African states. And from my personal point of view I see no reason why African states should be looking for recommendation from Trump

What makes me write about this is the way the president of Nigeria was seen and treated. The former general was treated with atmost repect. With Trump picking is words carefully and really excited about finally being aboutto sit with a president from the African country that actually has some semblance of power.

You will be ignorant to say Buhari is not a powerful man. He is easily the most powerful president on the African continent as events during his state visit proved. Buhari and Trump were asked many questions and the basis of there meeting was to address the issue of insecurity in the northern part of Nigeria.

What was noticed by international observers was the calm nature of the Nigeria president and the way he handled himself in from of the supposed most powerful president in the free world. Trump may find it hard to change the way he views Africa but you can bet that after that meeting he will have gained some respect for Africans in general.

In conclusion, it must be sais no matter how bad you view Nigeria, it must be said that it has taken a position of power in Africs and has been doing it also for a number of years. Now it seems like the other leaders can only just look on with envy. Buhari and Nigeria have been very charismatic and diplomatic, these attributes should be tsken from the other African leaders. Buhari was seen by the United States as representing Africa, and yes he did reoresent well.

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