Far Cry 5 compilation video introduces some handy folks to have around

There are plenty of folks to befriend in Far Cry 5, and many will come in handy.

A new Far Cry 5 trailer is available and it’s a compilation of NPCs who will aid the player in-game.

These “guns for hire” range from snipers to pyromaniacs and helicopter pilots to, well, a really good boy.

Each individual has particular strengths which the player can call upon when needed, and of course, each one has a larger-than-life personality. Nick, Hurk and Sharky are your classic, good ol’boy redneck types while Jess, Grace, and Adelaide are strong independent types.

While all bring something very useful to the table, your Scout, Boomer, is the best of the lot. Dogs are always the best.

Far Cry 5 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One March 27.

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