Google Doodle Celebrates the Films of Soviet Filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein

Monday would have been the 120th birthday of the auteur Sergei Eisenstein, otherwise known as the father of cinematic montage.

To mark the occasion, Google put out a Doodle in honor of the Soviet filmmaker, showing Sergei Eisenstein clipping black-and-white strips from a film spool.

Eisenstein’s work famously features intricate arrangements of short shots, juxtaposed to shed light on the psychological composition of an event. Below is one of his most renowned montages: the Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin.

But Eisenstein was not only a technical innovator.

As film titles like Strike and The General Line suggest, he had a keen social conscience; Eisenstein turned his lens on the neglected struggles of the oppressed working class.

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