Idoma Youths to Biafra: We are not with you.

The Idoma youths have refused to identify with the Biafran struggle. This was a cry out by the Idoma Youth Forum of Justice, they claimed the inclusion of Benue South in the map of the defunct Biafra was a deliberate attempt by the agitators to pitch the Idoma people against the Nigerian government.

In a 5-Point communique issued in Otukpo at the end of a meeting held by the Idoma youth, they dissociated the Benue-South Zone from the “so called Biafra”.

According to Emmanuel Omonu, President of the youth arm of Idoma National Apex Association “We will not allow any inch of our land be part of the ill-thought-out enterprise called Biafra”.

He added “We ask the IPOB and other secessionist group to henceforth put a stop to referring to Idoma community as part of Biafra as it touches on the collective sensibilities of our people and could provoke ethnic crisis. We are surprised that the likes of Kanu and his other Biafran supporters have not learnt their lessons after returning to Nigeria following the fall of Biafra in January 15, 1970 with tales of woes and horrors. The Idomas and other ethnic groups have been carved into the map being circulated by Nnamdi Kanu and his groups, we shall not tolerate any provocation from this group of persons as law abiding citizens of Nigeria and hereby wish to draw the attention to the Federal Government and the International Community to this fraud of a Biafran Republic to extort and criminalize our people”


He further added “Our sons have held very high positions in Nigeria just like the Igbos and we see no reason for any secession anywhere in Nigeria, the right thing for all to do is is to task our leaders in authority to judiciously apply the people’s resources for the overall benefit of all, whilst subscribing to the current administration’s war against corruption”.

The group added “We want to make it emphatically clear that the Idoma Land was never and can never be part of the fraud called Biafra. We believe in one Nigeria and will do all within our power to protect the unity of Nigeria. Biafra died in 1970 and has gone into history. They should desist from dragging our name into their fraudulent business”.

Objectively, it is the right of “Biafran” to ask to be on its own, but also disturbing that a tribe that Biafra associates itself with to the extent of putting them on the map do not want to have anything to do with Biafra. It begs the questions; What is Biafra? Who are Biafrans?. According to the Idoma people the widely circulated map of Biafra is wrong. How can you fight for a cause and have a nation when there is no clear picture of the tribes that form that state? It is time that Biafran agitators went back to the drawing board and solve their internal issues. Without this being done there will be no Biafra, it will remain an ideology.


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