Inside The Pages of Diane Keaton’s Book The House That Pinterest Built

Keaton considered painting the exterior brick white, since black and white is a favorite color combination of hers (“duh!” she explains), but the texture and color of the brick grew on her.

Keaton describes the style of her home as a combination of a barn and a factory.

Keaton says her style is more “junky” than what most people have come to associate with a typical Nancy Meyer set. (We beg to differ.)

Of her style and obsession with Pinterest, Keaton explains: “My style is ever-evolving because I’m always looking at everything.”

Unadorned lighting, commercial windows, and a neutral palette give Keaton’s home an industrial feel.

Keaton chose a blue-gray for the kitchen cabinets and island.

Keaton mixes textures—like metal and worn wood—together throughout her home.

Lighting has always been very important to Keaton, ever since her first home in the San Remo on Central Park West. The use of commercial windows, which are installed higher up than traditional

A close-up look at the brick Keaton had shipped from Chicago on multiple occasions.

She describes her aesthetic as “more Spanish-style” now.

“I follow my impulses just like I did with acting,” says Keaton. “I’ve moved around a lot; I love cities, I love the desert, but I incorporate what I see.”

When asked if she ever takes inspiration from any of the 60-plus movies she’s appeared in, Keaton replied: “Never.”

A lot of the things in Keaton’s home comes from flea markets and the Culver City store Obsolete.


Source: architecturaldesign.com

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