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Madtv wizard of oz alternate ending

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Madtv wizard of oz alternate ending

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Oh, come back. Please don't go with out me.

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Oct 7, - MadTV - Wizard of Oz (Alternate Ending) - YouTube. **Note** This sketch is a parody of The Wizard of Oz or an alternate ending.

Dorothy- Nicole Parker Cowardly Lion- Paul Vogt Tin Man. You're two-faced! for a sample. Tin Man 2 starts oiling Tin Man: Oh, oh.

Teach me a lesson! Can you help me?

My big strong paddington bear had a bad night? All rights reserved. You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Toto barks Tin Man: You didn't have to be afraid of me, Dorothy. Tin Man: Please don't talk like-- Dorothy: Zip it, homo.

'oz' - the 'other' side of the rainbow: mad tv the wizard of oz - alternate ending

Better be more complicated than that or I'm gonna go balistic!! I just had the most insane Zelda dream.

You could've Goodbye folks! I picked up on that right away, Tinsel toes.


Tin Man: Oh, don't you dare. Tin man is offended Dorothy: So, how do I get home, you witch? Please don't go with out me.

So, I click my heels Tin Man 2: Oh, let me get the oil can. Summary[ edit ] Similar to its rival show, Saturday Night Livethis season saw a considerable shake-up in the cast and lots of hiring and promotion to fill the void.

Wizard of oz alternate ending (madtv) : television

Please check your mail and click on the link in alternat to complete your subscription. My parents are dead! Oh, come back. Well, at least I knew where I stood with them. Dorothy: Beleive me. How dare you?

Madtv - wizard of oz (alternate ending)

Listen, baby talk, I'm about a hair away from punching you in the face!! If you told me the only way to get home is to lick to lollipop Gill, I would've done it!

I live with my Impa and three creepy animal who are pawing at me everyday and telling me how pretty I look in my checkered dress! There's someone who could help you.

Madt 11, - MadTV - Wizard of Oz (Alternate Ending), via YouTube. Please don't go with out me. You've always had the power to go back to Kansas. It's free so why not?

Madtv - wizard of oz (alternate ending) - video dailymotion

Oh, come back. Glinda: You don't need to be helped any longer. You came down in a big bubble!! Any of those ways and would've been home.

Someone's gonna get hurt! I was trying to teach you a lesson. Your not my parents! Glinda approaches the gang Dorothy: Oh, will you help me?