North Korea versus The World

This article will highlight specifically on the reasons why North Korea relates with the world the way it does, human rights, poverty, military, system of government will not be focused upon.

North Korea is a state in East Asia, China borders it on the North, Russia on the Northwest and South Korea on the South. It’s capital is Pyongyang, the estimated population as at 2015 was 25,155,317, and it’s ruled by the Supreme Leader- Kim Jong-Un.

The most important component of International Politics is POWER. Power determines to a large extent how much of your national and international objectives you will be able to achieve on the international scene. States to be relevant have to find ways to be powerful, at whatever cost, because the absence of power makes other states able to trend on you.

According to Wikipedia: The international environment changed with the election of U.S. President George W. Bush in 2001. His administration treated North Korea as a rogue state, while North Korea redoubled its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons to avoid the fate of Iraq.

A United States senator ‘John McCain’ recently remarked that a North Korean missile tipped with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching our homeland is no longer a distant hypothesis, but an imminent danger

Nuclear weapons are deemed the penultimate point of leverage preventing the United States and its allies from toppling North Korean regime. They have fortified their borders with a huge array of offensive conventional armaments-artillery, missiles and more. The world is far more dangerous than it was thirty years ago. The threat posed by North Korea is not theoretical, it’s a reality

This is a written record of an interview on May 2017, between the United States President Donald Trump and Fox News Presenter Douglas Birkey:

Douglas Birkey: How safe are troops along the military zone and our ally South Korea, how safe are they with some of the defense systems that we have provided and what’s the status of this?    Donald Trump: Nobody is safe! I mean, who is safe? The guy has got nuclear weapons, I will like to say they are very safe, these are great, brave soldiers, these are great troops and they know the situation with 28,000 troops on the line, and they are right there and so nobody is safe! And we are probably not safe here, if he gets the long range missile, who knows? We are not safe either.

North Korea in my view is a state that has been surviving over the years by its ability to remain inaccessible to the western powers domination. Asia is a continent with bright minds and a bright future, if you are looking for a state that can stand the United States economy you look to China. Interestingly, if you are looking for a relatively small state that has been able to avoid an attack by the United States even after been termed a rogue state you must look to North Korea.

How has this been possible? I remain with the school that says the Supreme Leader of North Korea is not irrational, he is simply surviving the only way he knows how to which is through the threat of the use of force and truthfully this tactic has been very successful.

North Korea has shown the world that every state needs to strengthen herself to survive. I am not an advocate for war, but the threat of the use of force to achieve national and international objectives is a genius idea. North Korea is not against the world, it’s simply trying to survive.

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