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Osagie Alonge, AOT2……. What these guys still need to work on.

M.I Abaga and Loose Kaynon……very involved

A lot was said on the last version I saw on loosetalkpodcast. M.I Abaga and Loose Kaynon, were interviewed by AOT2 and Osagie Alonge. I usually try not to write about musicians and entertainment but I must react to this. First I felt that after listening to the whole discussion I was forced to google the two individuals, AOT2 and Osagie Alonge to learn more about them, they have done well for themselves in recent years, but……… after reading at a number of their write ups I had to smile, as much as they are very hardworking the only thing about these guys is they are privileged to have the platform. I do not want any of the noise and insults that were thrown about that day. I just want to tell Osagie and AOT2 that I am a writer and I know how tasking writing can be, but your work isn’t especially spectacular. You guys have the platform, PulseTV and trust me there are a lot of guys that I know can do better.

Osagie I like the way you try to be factual, but try not to use curse words, critics can be constructive, never say someone’s song is bullshit, and you may have to bite your tongue about what you said about that chocolate city artist sooner than you can imagine, just take it easy, never say who the fuck is …………. AOT2, guy you write okay and loads of respect for you because of the way you handled yourself, but……… I just feel there are a whole lot of things that can come from you. I really do not have anything against you because you came out to say a lot of times that you write personal opinions.

As for M.I Abaga I think you should know at this stage that the street loves you, you have done so well over the years and the street like what you do, true recently you’ve lost a bit of the steam that we know you have, but wait……….you are still the same M.I I listened to in SS3, so I trust you still have it in you man. Plenty of respect from Lopolics for you, we look forward to more from you have a lot to offer

Loose Kaynon, lol, what can I say, you are doing well but not really there yet, so bro we expect a whole lot more from you.

That said, please fellow writers let us try to encourage what our people (Nigerians) are doing, when someone does a project and it’s not as awesome as what was expected, there are ways to pass the message, we are creators and we have a very loud voice. I am not perfect, I only started putting out my writings out three months ago, but we are all improving, AOT2 and Osagie, keep up the good work…………but please no insults, just constructive reviews. BTW don’t come for me I am just a small boy.

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