Pastor Sarah Omakwu speaks on Plateau killings: Declares Black Thanksgiving.

No fewer than 83 people were slaughtered in Plateau State on Sunday, 30th of June, 2018. The incident has since generated a lot of reactions from individuals, groups and corporate organizations.

This has caused unusual solidarity and nationwide mourning as the Christendom have also come out to sympathize with the families that lost loved ones. The cases of loss of lives in Nigeria apart from the Plateau State massacre has become such that cannot be ignored any longer. Apparently, it seems to Nigerians that the presidency has not taken it has a serious issue, and this has left a lot of Nigerians very sad, and everyone wants to find a way to reach out to the president to express their feelings about the rampant killing of Nigerians especially in the northern part of the country.

In such a move, did Pastor Sarah Omakwu declare the following Sunday a “Black Thanksgiving” not just to thank God, but also send a message to the presidency. Kindly click to watch the full video of her message below;

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