PRENDA FASHION: The No1 Urbanstyle Fashion Outfit In Lagos

Prenda Fashion without doubt is taking Lagos, Nigeria by storm. The simple and outstanding designs of their outfits are second to none. In a developing tech city like Lagos, where firms, businesses,start ups, and schools are not particular about corporate dressing. Prenda Fashion has been able to serve the market of developers, students, digital marketers and a lot of people in tech and other fields.

Prenda Fashion is a brand given to the essence of fashion.  THE SWAY COLLECTION is the urban subsidiary of Prenda Fashion that focuses on Casuals and the Urbanstyle. PRENDA is the parent company, and will be unveiling its other subsidiaries very soon.

What people love most about Prenda Fashion are the quality of material, pricing, packaging and the delivery options made available to customers. These qualities speaks loads on the understanding of professionalism and class by the brand.

Prenda Fashion can be contacted via;

Phone Number: 08050923232

Email Address: [email protected]

IG: @prenda_fashion

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