Sustainable Leadership is Being Destroyed.

The most painful experience a young leader can face on the African continent is to be asked the African leader he looks up to as a mentor. It is painful because there is no leader on the African continent that has a good track record (apart from the late Nelson Mandela), there is always something really negative to write and say about them. We are not asking for perfections, as we already know that man is a flawed being, but we ask for a level of decency and responsibility from the men that call themselves our leaders. The African continent is filled with leaders that have only very selfish intentions, you see most leaders after their tenure being charged to court on issues of corruption and other ridiculous offences. The problem is sustainable leadership is not possible with this trend of behavior, this is because, after such a leader leaves, we choose to assume that a better person comes into this position of power, the person spends most of his time cleaning up the mess left by such leaders without having time to take care of proper business, and in most cases actually forgets what the proper business exactly is. The current leaders are killing the future because they have misbehaved so much the future generations believe it is a normal thing when you are in power.

The long-awaited trial of former Chadian President Hissène Habré begins on July 20, 2015 in Dakar, Senegal.

Moving on to Asia, the beautiful continent achieving many good things especially technologically. As developmental as Asia is the percentage of leaders that are doing well, compared to those messing up is too low. When talking about leadership in Asia, people tend to talk about countries like China, Japan, South Korea, India and Israel, but are quick to forget states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, Cambodia, Lebanon, to mention a few. Sustainability does not talk about leadership for just some particular areas but good leadership in all areas that does not leave negative effects on the abilities of future leaders to create a good developmental environment. These other Asian countries should not be ignored because they are in the majority, they provide a large chunk of oil and extremists to the world, there is almost no country in the world that will say these two elements are not available within its walls, this is the reason why sustainable leadership must be encouraged in these places, because the population of these people increase more daily and their ability to cause a serious threat to the world can no longer be ignored.

Now to the North American continent, interestingly, people do not even know that there are other countries in this continent apart from the USA and Canada, there are other countries on in North America like Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominica, Costa-Rica, and several others. Now we hardly hear about these other states mostly because, their leaders have chosen to take a ceremonial position, they prefer to sit back and allow the US to make their decisions for them. Some years back there was a serious natural disaster in Haiti, the Haitian government relied completely on what it was offered by other states of the world especially the US. This is one of many such happens and other states in the continent also follow the same lane. This is a serious problem for sustainable development, the young ones need to know that their nation can stand on its own without bowing to external powers or neighboring countries, but this identity is dead in these countries, they call themselves the Caribbeans and party away most of their time, while the US and Canada work hard with their time after that dictates almost everything that happens on the continent.

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