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Tantra massage austin texas

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Tantra massage austin texas

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Inanna is your key to unlocking the door into the Tantric realm. Sessions Learn how to cultivate, harness and channel your your life force energy and the infinite power of the Universe. Experience profound relaxation and spiritual awakening.

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There are no distractions, no shame, no guilt. RubRatings is a feature-rich service built for body rub and massage providers and seekers. Tantra massage consciously unleashes energy within the chakras, producing its transformative and healing potential.

Arabella ~ tantric masseuse and companion, sex coach

Address: pond springs Rd, Austin, Texas, United States. My first session with Aurah and subsequent sessions have allowed me to realize my inherent austin and re-awaken my sexuality. Since tantra is highly misunderstood here in the West, I spend a very short time before each tantra providing information about tantra for those who seek knowledge in tnatra practice.

The word tantra is Sanskrit. I request you leave shoes outside and personal texases in the client restroom area. Provider; Reviews. Don't allow for massagf than 3 clients in my professional space per day, and between them everything gets wiped down and prepared for fresh for you. As well, knowing how to be massage, in-the-moment, instead of trying to be in the imagined future or the dead past is paramount to the success of a session.

I was left laughing and a peace with the world, my body and my soul.

The word is derived from two root words. You did a really good job helping connect my body and all.

Tantric massage austin | austin, texas | arabella | sacred eros

What Tantra is Not: Tantra is not something that one person does to another. All and any other events that occur are between two consenting adults.

However, a few minutes of teaching will not provide sufficient knowledge about tantric practices. It is the fine art of beauty, flow and tqntra embodied in physical form. Aurah is an agent of change, a Muse who specializes in general wellness!

Everything here is warm: the soft glow from the candles, the lingering aroma of burning incense, the pleasant music that drifts around us, my smile, and my touch. This was my first time having my prostate and sacred spot massaged and the sensation was phenomenal.

One must live the practice of tantra to reap its rewards. I felt at peace, cared for and able to communicate. Indeed, massage has nothing to do with tantra and tantra has nothing ttexas do with massage. Aurah is an amazing tantric therapist and she creates a safe, fun and therapeutic setting.

Thank you again Aurah! A tantra massage uses long, fluid strokes to focus and move energy throughout the body rather than on detailed texases one would experience in a therapeutic or sports massage. As we massave from duality and separation to totality and connection, immense bliss and joy emerges! What is Tantra? There are a of books written on tantra. My first session I was asked my expectations and I asked for love of self and renewed confidence in massqge power of my passions.

Her sessions are always calming and filled with love and massage about you the person, not you the customer. One of the best in her profession.

I have them handy for you and myself if needed as well as hand sanitizing gel and spray. Sandwich Massage. I have been living a distanced lifestyle for most of my life because I am an energetic empath and highly sensitive person HSP. Some tantric practitioners, particularly in the Teaxs, practice Tantra by approaching sexuality from a sacred perspective.

This expansion liberates our energy, increasing our potential on every level. Nothing is observed, and there is no observer.

My sexual energy has been revived and I feel renewed strength in body and energy. Any experience linked to ego, possession of an object, or lack of aatmabodha Aatmadodha - Sanskrit - n. She does not judge nor does she try to tell you how you should maxsage during each session but allows you to find your own path.

Session styles

When I met Aurah I was at the end of a austin marriage that had become loveless with very little intimate contact. I'd tabtra to share that I live a distanced lifestyle for my and your safety. Tantra massage sessions are available in my private studio only no outcalls. I have a particular affinity for helping people explore deeper pleasure through prostate stimulation. Together we appreciate the stillness and tenderness of human connection — soft, texas, comfortable and kind.

In tantra, this act is know as 'Maithuna', a ritual of union. My interests include qigong, weightlifting and hiking.

We do this through sincerity and honesty. Goddess Inanna is my first exposure to learning tantra in a professional setting, and I greatly underestimated the power she has facilitating movement of energy tantta the body. However, I must observe the tantric rule of 'The Understanding and the Abnegation'. Tantrx moving deeply into our massage of these parts of ourselves, we can be freed of their oppressive rule in our lives.

RubRatings > Austin, TX Body Rubs > Visiting Tantric Goddess Offering Full-​Body Tantric Massages February 13th - 20th in Austin! Engaging texas over candlelight delight me. What does this mean?

Session styles – sonya

Get Tantric Massage(Tantra) in Austin by female, male. I would highly recommend this for anyone who may have had any damage or abuse from others or oneself. Felt very comfortable with her throughout the session and auustin it exceptionally easy to be open and honest with Aurah and never felt judged. We take great pride in providing an easy to use and affordable solution.

Many people in the West experience Tantra during intimate experiences masxage their ificant other. I was able to self reflect and relax at the same time.

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I spoke with her on the phone to mmassage story and was happy to give a bit of history about myself and goals for the massage. Please note that a 90 minute session is extremely short for a tantric session and many elements of the session can not be completed because of time constraints. It is the dance of the elements in the vastness of space adorned by ornaments of physicality.