Opposition Rejection of Results: Ridiculous Hypocrisy.

The Nigerian elections were held this past Saturday, and as expected the populace decided to change nothing by voting majorly for the two political parties that have held the country by the neck for more than 18 years.

PHOTO: President of Nigeria, Buhari after winning the 2019 election.

From a neutral point of view, I find it ridiculous that the opposition party is challenging the results by claiming the ruling power rigged the election. Truth be said every Nigerian knows that the two major political parties, APC and PDP were both involved in massive rigging. These are not assumptions the videos and records have been released to the public through several social media platforms.

For a country that boasts of having a high percentage of youths, you will be surprised to note that there is no real zeal to push out these politicians that have simply been recycling themselves since 1999. Nigeria is a classic case of a failed democracy. Buhari seems not really have an idea of what his job is, Atiku is a well known corrupt leader. For Nigerians to be left to pick between these two, without Nigerians feeling uncomfortable helps you to understand how far gone the mentality of an average Nigerian is.

PHOTO: Presidential Candidate for the opposition party Atiku.

I will advice that the opposition party PDP, should please stop insulting the intelligence of the average Nigerian and stop crying foul. What they are complaining that the ruling party APC did is the same thing that they also did, they are only angry that they were not able to do it at the same scale that the ruling party were able to do.

By the way, the Nigerians asking for a rerun of the presidential election, have you thought about the financial implications? But then again this is Nigeria, who really cares?

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