The Sorry Case of Libya After Gadaffi

I had a discussion with a friend and colleague, Ajilore Dehinde on the current state of Libya. And I am prompted to put his interesting views out there in his own words;

I know those fact. That was why I had to really consider American interventionist policy in Libya’s affairs. It’s a sad fact that Libya has never been in a chaotic state as it is now and more so, that it is even tilting to the likes of countries like Somalia (where no well structured government exists)

I was or I must admit that I erroneously supported the Gaddafi must go movement because I couldn’t fathom why a leader will turn his guns against his people. But even Gaddafi had a roll to play in Libya’s current state. I can’t imagine how one can be so selfish and choose to stay in power even after you have achieved a noble feet for your country that will put you amongst the ranks of Lee Kuan Yew. He should have resigned honourably. Anyways is personal decision isn’t not the main issue here.

What is germane is that the West disrupted the most perfect economy an African country ever had. Remember the events leading to American intervention in Libya was as a result of the train of event happening in other Magreb and Arab region in 2011 known as the Arab spring. Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, et all were affected. While the government of these countries made some changes that settled the protest, Syria and Libya had it hot. None of there leaders would give in to this seemingly western idea.
But what gives me that glimmer of hope is that while they successfully intervened in Libya leading to Gaddafi lynching (once African strong man) they have not successfully carried out such in Syria. But the same problem Syria is facing is similar to that of Libya–American intervention or not. Forces loyal to Al Assad are still on the loose and killing there people. There’s no identifiable government. It is even worse in Syria because of the refugee crisis that happened as a result of the conflict. Millions left the fighting in Syria and posed a threat to the economic and social fabric of most European countries.
In the case of Libya, AU had an important role to play but did a little bit courtesy of Jacob Zuma of South Africa. Dialogue was key, but Gaddafi wouldn’t give him. I feel AU should have done more especially considering how the west especially America intervened in Iraq (that one Na argument for another day). Remember Goodluck Jonathan was our president who lacked the expertise in International affairs same with Buhari. Obasanjo’s external affairs policies were the best out of the Presidents we’ve had and would have worked a safe haven for Gaddafi just as he did for Charles Taylor of Liberia
But the whole thing went messy.
So everything boils down to our system of politics internally. You think if African leaders take there people seriously all these issues will beset us? That Nigerians will leave their country to get to Europe through the Sahara to Libya then the Mediterranean Sea (improper means)

African leaders need to learn from the Mao te Sung of China and Lee Kuan Yew most especially the the later. But like I said we’re self seeking and diminutive. May I remind you that Slavery is an African thing. We cherish self-honour against everything just and decent. Back den we sold our people to the whites for whiskey. Even now, in Nigeria minimum wage is 18k what can that do? And many workers have not been paid salaries for months.

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