The True Lagosian

The official language in Lagos is Yoruba, every true lagosian can speak Yoruba.

The true Lagosian is a die hard fan of Lagos, always has something positive to say about the state never a negative statement.

Every true Lagosian understands the struggles of going to work around 7:00am in a public transport.


Every true Lagosian is street smart, wary of strangers and always aware of his/her surroundings.

Every true Lagosian complains about the stress of living in Lagos but make no plans to leave.

Every true Lagosian has argued, insulted or even fought with an Abgero, even if you have your own vehicle you cannot escape them.

Every true Lagosian looks forward to Fridays and the prospect of an Owanbe outing.

Every true Lagosian respects the Jagaban – Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

True Lagosians dislike LASTMA and VIO officials.

Every true Lagosian dislikes the police and the sight of a police station. True Lagosians do not trust the police, it is generally believed they are corrupt.

Every true Lagosian respects the military.

After several years of the name being changed every true Lagosian still calls the energy providing company NEPA.

Every true Lagosian has taken a picture or made a video at the mall.

Every true Lagosian knows how to get a good bargain (price) for goods and services.

Every true Lagosian has bought Gala and a cold drink in traffic.

Every true Lagosan dislikes area boys (abgeros), but are powerless to remove them from the streets.

Lagosians do not know the next governor of the state, but are confident if he is from Jagaban’s politicial party, there will be continuity and progress in Lagos State.

Are you a true Lagosian? Let us know what characteristics make you one.

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