This Crazy World of International Politics (Syria) 

The world is out of control, Syria attacks its own people kills children and women, the United States has refused to honor the position of Russia and launch an attack on Syria.Tell me how all this is not crazy?

Making use of biological weapons is wrong on all counts. So the United States wants to fight for the people of Syria good but crazy  the reason for this is because could the United States retaliate without doing the same thing which is killing women and children?  Can Trump tell the world categorically that he killed no civilians?

Every one has something negative to say about the Russian president Putin. I am not 100% in support of this man but you must understand that every state seeks its own interest. There must be a reason why he is obviously against the attack on Syria. Trust me Donald beautiful Trump has interests in Syria if not the United States will never have attacked

Suddenly everyone becomes a war criminal over night. Syria is crazy, Russia is crazy, America is crazy, the world is crazy. Note that no one is right or wrong between these two states that’s Russia and America, no matter what the press says, they both have selfish interests in Syria. The only obviously wrong party here is Syria. You dont for any reason attack your own people it’s barbaric and definitely not using biological weapons.

Now you see we live in a crazy world.  United States of America is world power but if they go to war with Russia the world splits into two. And what most people don’t know is it’s not going to be an easy ride for the United States. Why do you think Russia is standing thier ground. You don’t stand against a giant if you are not a giant or you don’t have something you are sure you can use to bring the giant down

So let’s keep watching how this will play out. But take this fact from this, both the United States of America and Russia cannot afford to go to war against each other, it will spell the end of the world as we know it.

Think deeper don’t pick sides, you stand to gain nothing if all hell breaks. Trump and Putin need to become best friends for everyones sake.


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  1. Taking sides is never a great idea. Its time someone let the world understand this. It is good you have stated this in clear terms. I sincerely hope this gets to the right people.

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