Top Tips For Nailing Your Next Group Trip

Travelling and creating memories with a group of friends is one of life’s best adventures. The ability to share the highs and lows with one another, create stronger bonds, share travel stories, and even split travel costs, is priceless. Group travel, when done right, can be fun and fulfilling.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the trip ends successfully.

  1. Set the expectations straight before the trip

We are all wired differently with varying expectations and needs. Before embarking on a group trip, it is important to set the expectations straight as a group and make sure everyone is on the same page. Be sure to do this before the planning phase begins as it gives people the option to opt-out if it does not align with what they have in mind.

  1. Have the money conversations

Money remains a huge factor when travelling so it is important to have the money conversations before embarking on a trip together. Who pays for what? How are expenses shared? What mode of payment is allowed? What is the budget of the trip? Knowing this will help you plan more effectively.

  1. Draw up a rough itinerary and share it with the group

While you should avoid over-planning a trip and leave room for spontaneity, it is also important to have a rough plan and itinerary of daily activities to take part in. There is nothing worse than going to a new city and having arguments on what and what not to do. Having an itinerary helps you put a plan in place so that everyone knows what is happening when, and can prepare accordingly.

  1. Be willing to make compromises

While group travel is fun, it also involves a lot of compromises. Sometimes, you will have to let go of some of your plans to accommodate the plans of the group, for the greater good. Be open and willing to make some sacrifices and maybe try something new yourself. Isn’t that what travel is all about?

  1. Remember to have fun!

What’s a trip without a good amount of fun and laughter? Travel isn’t always perfect and not everything will go as planned. But you are there now and you will make the best of it. Do not be the party pooper, the one who spoils all the fun for the group, isn’t willing to try anything new, or is constantly complaining. Go with the flow, get spontaneous and have fun while you can. You will be thankful for it.

Group travel is an amazing opportunity to bond with different people and create lasting memories. While it comes with a certain level of sacrifice, there are endless benefits to it. So, grab a friend or two, book those tickets, and go have the time of your lives in a new city. Happy globe-trotting.

Source: guardian.ng

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