What are Nigerian tech firms doing about other sectors but financial tech?

I recently started learning a lot about tech, coding and things like that. I got really interested though I studied international relations. But recently I have been very concerned it seems like a lot of money and funding is pumped into fin tech, but whats happening to other tech platforms. Yes!! I had this talk with a few of my friends and they maintained that top fin tech firms sponsor a lot of start ups invested in these other areas of tech.

While I believe this to be very true, because I have been able to do my research and find this to be true. I still think that enough is not done about other tech opportunities. Yes top fin tech firms invest in other tech opportunities for start ups but how much do they? Have these firms been able to really be invested in these firms, spend as much investment on these other tech opportunities like they do fin tech.

In conclusion, I will like to say I will like the input of everyone to enlighten me more on this because I am relatively new in this. I am willing to understand the issues that have resulted in these developments. I strongly believe if we do not invest as much in tech opportunities we are making the same mistakes people before us did. Now the fin tech industry will be well developed, but the other sectors will suffer gravely for this. And on the long run, this is not advantageous to anyone, we cant keep building just one sector majorly. Yes I know we cannot develop all sectors at the same thing, but at least three at a time will be good.

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