What Nigerians are facing in South Africa

Its really sad that people have totally gone insane, not just in actions but in thought.  About a week ago I saw a video on Youtube of a Nigerian killed in South Africa, he was gunned down and they kept shooting him even while he was down.

Now my question is what could he have done? We need to understand that we live in a world where for every action there is a reaction. We should never also forget moral standards. South Africans claim Nigerians are polluting their country, selling drugs, and getting involved in prostitution. I will not say these things are not happening but the reactions of South Africans to this has been too extreme. Let me quickly say this, Nigeria has the highest concentration of black people in the world, and there are a lot of South African companies and citizens in Nigeria, imagine such a huge population react in the same manner as the South Africans have.

The South African government has really had nothing to say about these things too, its sad considering the role Nigeria played in their fight for real independence. The most alarming is that we have an international organization in the name of The United Nations that I am sure has gotten reports on these developments and have done nothing about it, so why do we keep talking about human rights violations.

Nigerians should also desist from terrible and negative activities, but the best way to stop them just is not violence. Nigerians, innocent and not  are being killed daily on the streets of South Africa.

The reason I am writing this is because the real international currency is POWER in these terms Nigeria should not be joked with, because just when the country decides to retaliate it may blow up from a domestic incident that could have easily been dealt with to a major international incident that will definitely affect other African states and the international community


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  1. This is a good post, I feel sad for the Nigerians living in South Africa, they have to be more careful and realize God is the overall refuge. We will keep praying for them and God will deliver them the way he delivered Moses and the Israelites.

  2. It’s really sad when things like this happen.. A black nation attacking another black nation… Even if Nigerians are guilty of the allegations made… This action is not the way forward…

  3. The same hatred has been shown in America, by American citizens towards Jews and Indians…..saw it on CNN this morning. Really sad….

  4. The situation is really overwhelming. I hope something is done b4 Nigerians start responding…God help us..

  5. I totally agree that the attack on Nigerians in south Africa is alarming and pathetic but we Nigerians had a part to play in all these. Why do we continually give ourselves a bad name wherever we go?
    Majority of Nigerians in SA are into illegal deals ( no, this is not subjective) drugs, internet fraud, prostitution, robbery etc.
    We have succeeded in ruining our country by ourselves and we think the south Africans would let us do the same to them? Heck no!
    Before you think about migrating to a new country, with different laws and culture than which you’re exposed to, ask yourself “who you epp”?

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