What Is The Culture Of Africa ?

The culture of Africa is as diverse as can be expected when talking about a continent. To the question ‘What is the culture of Africa?’ Africa is a cultural hub, rich in traditions ,art, music, literature and food. Although the continent has been subject to internal and external factors, exported and re-imported content, it is constantly in a state of flux.

Any study of antiquity must take into account that Africa 5 minutes ago, 50 years ago, 500 years ago and Africa 5000 years ago is not static.” – Shahadah.

Taking into consideration the different factors that make up our culture, these are the binding elements of the 47 countries bound in Africa.

The tradition of Africa originates from family and ethnic groups, their beliefs,folklore, religious and social patterns. All these factors have shaped the mentality of your typical African. In diaspora or in the continent, the tradition of Africa is clear in the daily activities

Art has been an integral part of the African culture and will always be. One of the most important art form in Africa is sculpture. African arts and crafts also include paintings, pottery, leather art works, ceremonial and religious headgear and dresses. African Art according to  Maulana Karenga  ” the object was not as important as the soul force behind the creation of the object.” The art of Africa is so diverse as every country has it’s crown jewel, Ife portrait heads, Benin bronze sculptures, etc.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Africa has been the home of great music, history shows that most African songs are passionate, about work chants, history, stories and fun. Bells, drums, guitars, likembes (thumb pianos), strung bows, trumpets, and xylophones are just some of the many instruments played by people in Africa, with modern influence, this list has grown. The music of Africa has a lot of soul, dancing, gyrating and happiness. Right now African music has influenced a lot of international music and is recognized globally.

Photo Credit: The Music History

Photo Credit: The Music History

The ultimate African experience might just be found in your palette, the food is spicy and colourful. There is literally no crop that Africans can’t make a nice meal out of. Although we have external influence in our dish, African food is eclectic.

Photo Credit: Betumi

Photo Credit: Betumi

If you ever thought for a second that the African culture was absent, walk around your neighborhood and notice in the smallest of details the ever present change, the music, the energy, the food, the colour, this list is endless but it is what it is. It is the African Culture.

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