What Nonsense is Happening in the Philippines.

ISIS Takeover

The Phillipines has been going through a period of serious unrest. It’s been like this for a month, since ISIS-aligned fighters stormed the northern Mindanao city of Marawi, capturing key government buildings and setting fire to churches and schools.

In the weeks that followed, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have slowly clawed back territory in the city, but a stubborn remnant of around 100 fighters clings to a handful of inner city.

ISIS has killed at least 66 Phillipine soldiers. The country has practically been left to take care of itself. Why this is very worrisome is, ISIS is a major world terrorist organization, the big powers that say they are going all out to fight terrorism should have all hands on deck to tackle this threat in this Asian nation.

This people should not be left to take care of themselves, especially since it is safe to assume according to interviews recorded that ISIS formation in the first instance was a retaliation to the threat of the United States to the Middle East, this unethical and barbaric movement has to stop now. The ISIS have a pattern, once they are not stopped they move inward. NOW!!! This is the time to put an end to this movement in that region, once and for all, this is when we expect that the US will bring out all its arsenal.

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