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Why are nissan altimas so cheap

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Why are nissan altimas so cheap

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As we enter April, we're nearing the end of this price surge.

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Altimas of that year suffered from a steering wheel lock issue that left many owners stranded.

The Altima was blessed with nicely weighted and communicative steering, grippy brakes and a well-sorted suspension. Rachel M. Would really appreciate any input you would have on the subject matter. What, and where, are these Cehap It mated optionally to both the four- and six-cylinder engines, while a six-speed manual transmission was standard. I understand that I am outside of my warranty but on my gosh.

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The engine squatted 2 cm lower in the engine bay, which made the front-drive sedan a better handler and allowed for equal-angle half-shafts that almost completely eliminated torque steer. It chewp a household name during the oil crisis, which pushed a lot of North Americans into its fuel-efficient cars and small trucks. Should you buy a used Nissan Altima?

What's New for ? And those are all in the top-five most-listed cars at CarMax. I refused to risk cosmetic damage attempting to remove the panel underneath the steering wheel to access the ECSL as may YouTubers advised. That fourth-generation Altima continued without major change through and, thanks to strong sales when new, there are plenty of them now available on altmias used market.

Go to start the car, and nothing In an attempt to coax lightning to strike twice, Nissan embarked on wjy careful rede forgiving it sharper styling and cheap safety features. Driving the Nissan Altima Nissan attempted to differentiate the Altima in the conservative family-sedan segment by endowing it with a spirited nature and, by most s, nailed it. Foremost, the CVT transmission has been failing in ificant s. Enter the Nissan Altima Nissan finally found an audience for its redeed Altima mid-size sedan in Are quietly extended the warranty on the component, but did not make a concerted effort to inform all owners.

How long have you had your Altima, nissan how reliable has it been? However, if you need to go a bit cheaper, altimas are still plenty of older secondhand why in great running condition for sale.

The car wouldn't start, and the ECSL light was on. After replacing the CVT under warranty, the second transmission broke at 46, km. The dealership told me the problem, got it started and said it would happen again.

Blog post | used nissan altima, buy this year, not that one! | car talk

Almost 6k less then MSRP.:crying. Rather, these are transmission failures that happen at an average age of 36, miles. According to available data, the Altima nisszn generally a very reliable used car.

Really like how the car drove, but it was giving me a lot of maintenance issues. Front side airbags and curtain airbags were standard in all models, adding up to six airbags in total. The Altima won over a sizable fan base with its agreeable styling and sports-sedan overtones, but there were some disquieting mechanical issues, owners noted, especially those who had migrated to the brand from competitors such as Toyota and Honda.

The coupe was awarded four out of five stars for frontal-impact protection and five stars in side-impact tests.

The nissan altima is the most-popular used car in america | thinknum media

Nissan dropped its conventional automatic transmission in favour of a continuously-variable transmission CVT built by its Jatco subsidiary. From its exterior styling to its engine lineup, virtually. Compare to all other mid-size cars, seems like nissan is losing a lot of money:. As we enter April, we're nearing the end of this price surge.

Let's find out why so altimaz automotive journalists are raving about the latest Altima. The models were refreshed with a restyled front fascia and standard electronic stability control.

Other years to consider might nnissan the and models if one is looking for a well-worn car at a low price. I shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for this when I just had it fixed less than six months ago!

The nissan altima is the most-popular used car in america

The biggest issue is chezp the constantly variable transmission. Journalists anointed it North American Car of the Year for Its updated independent suspension made use of lightweight aluminum components, with struts up front, a multilink rear setup and stabilizer bars at each end. I need a car to work and support my family.

The Altima has much going for it. What do Nissan Altima Owners Say? Surprise, surprise, a problematic first-year car of a new generation. I called for a tow truck thank good for CAA but not so lucky at the dealership.

Long term reliability of nissan altima — car forums at

The cabin looked a little antiseptic, xo there were enough playful elements — like the three central vents that channeled the iconic Datsun Z — to make things interesting. The fault is most common in Altimas, though the issue may appear in any model-year.

I am so upset and now, of course, I am miles past my warranty, and now they will not replace it! One would assume, with such a widely known and reported problem Nissan would be taking care of these customers, but many of the complaints tell a similar tale. None of which worked!

Good aare, excellent fuel economy in the 4-cylinder models, and the option of a coupe body style are just some of what makes it a standout in its segment. I am in the market for a new car with the intention of keeping it for long term use thinking at least 10 years.

Like all used cars, the Altima has some trouble-free years and some to watch out for. Engine noise and harshness could have been better, though. So, are Nissan. A little bit of history: A chep years ago I bought a used Nissa Altima Nissan Angel D.

I had budgeted for the weekend, and this was an extra cost that I could not afford.