Why Is Honesty Mocked In Nigeria?

In a country where its citizens are decrying the spate of corruption in its government, it is hypocritical if the citizens themselves are no better.

Considering the bad name given to Nigerians, two citizens who have proven that Nigerians are not all bad showed their honesty by returning a bag of money to its owner.

The airport security guard Achi Daniel, and his supervisor, Francis Emepueaku returned the valuables and declined a reward from the owner and have been mocked by people for being “stupid”. Although they are not affected by the mockery since this is not the first time they have returned valuables to their owners.

They have been commended for their honesty by President Muhammadu Buhari and awarded a scholarship worth N250,000 by their security company.

Why are they being mocked for their honesty?

Does it mean that Nigerians are hypocritical about changing the country for the better?

Source: guardian.ng

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